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Sedentary Activities Connected to Anxiety

For many people, sitting is a big part of daily life. Numerous studies link sedentary behavior—like working at a computer or watching television—to physical health problems. A new study from Deakin University’s Center for Physical Activity and Nutrition Research in Australia finds that sitting is also connected to anxiety. The researchers’ meta-analysis found that low-energy,…

Yoga Reduces Anxiety in Older Adults

Many adults over age 60 struggle with mental health issues. As many as 40 percent of older adults report having anxiety and up to 20 percent of older adults experience depression. A new study finds that yoga is one of the most effective and persistent ways for older adults to reduce anxiety and depression. The…

Yoga Treatment Offers Balance to Veterans with PTSD

As many as one in five veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). New research from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW-M) finds that yoga can reduce some of PTSD’s symptoms including anxiety, hyper-vigilance, and intrusive memories. Although this study worked with only a small cohort, the results, according to the…

Anxiety App Increases Treatment Access

Treatment for anxiety may be as simple as playing a smartphone app, according to a new study. Researchers Tracy Dennis of Hunter College and Laura O’Toole of The City University of New York used an app to help bridge the gap between people who need treatment for anxiety and the people who actually receive it….

Only Half of Young People with Anxiety Get Better

One in five children in the US is affected by anxiety. Making a full recovery from anxiety is not easy, report researchers from a collaboration between Johns Hopkins Children’s Center and five other institutions. In what is the first long-term analysis of young people treated for anxiety, the researchers found that only half completely recuperated…

The Myth of Female Math Anxiety

Do girls really experience more anxiety over math than boys? According to research from Germany, they do not. Although existing research indicates that females do have more anxiety over math than their male peers, Thomas Götz and Madeleine Bieg from the University of Konstanz and Thurgau University of Teacher Education found that female students do…

What is iLs?

iLs is a complementary approach to brain fitness which can be integrated into a broad variety of educational, therapeutic and self-improvement programs. In the same way we can train our bodies to become stronger and healthier, iLs trains the brain to process sensory, cognitive and emotional information more effectively. With better synaptic connectivity, we perform better. It’s about as simple as that.

We start with music and movement, and then gradually integrate language and cognitive processes. The exercises appear simple but become increasingly difficult as we add new layers for simultaneous processing. The program involves no computers or screens of any type. Someone once referred to iLs as “a boot camp for the brain.” We’d like to think of it more as play, and we all know we work hardest when we play!

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