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Gestures an Early Indicator of Language Skill

Children begin gesturing before they learn to talk. These gestures can offer clues as to whether children will develop typical language skills, finds a research team from the University of Chicago. The researchers recorded interactions between parents and children. They found that children with brain injuries who used gestures at an early age were more…

Music Revives Memories After Brain Injury

Everyone can think of a song that, when they hear it, makes memories flood back to them. They might remember a lost love, family, or a particular time in their lives. Researchers Amee Baird and Séverine Samson conducted a study to test how this powerful emotional connection to music could be used to help people…

What is iLs?

iLs is a complementary approach to brain fitness which can be integrated into a broad variety of educational, therapeutic and self-improvement programs. In the same way we can train our bodies to become stronger and healthier, iLs trains the brain to process sensory, cognitive and emotional information more effectively. With better synaptic connectivity, we perform better. It’s about as simple as that.

We start with music and movement, and then gradually integrate language and cognitive processes. The exercises appear simple but become increasingly difficult as we add new layers for simultaneous processing. The program involves no computers or screens of any type. Someone once referred to iLs as “a boot camp for the brain.” We’d like to think of it more as play, and we all know we work hardest when we play!

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