Kate O’Brien Minson and Karen Onderko had the opportunity to speak with Kim Barthel during the iLs 2016 Conference in July.

Don’t miss these pearls of wisdom (among many!) from their conversation:

  • “The more vulnerable we are, the more confident we become.”
  • Conversation is “a dyadic social engagement experience that prepares the brain to be in a ‘just right’ state to truly receive information differently. This opens up and accesses the anterior cingulate which really allows the frontal cortex to process information better.”
  • “Each person we meet has information for us, and if we are present to that, we learn more and more about ourselves.”
  • And last, a quote from Conversations with a Rattlesnake:
    “Our brains can change as long as we are still breathing. We can always remodel our brains by changing how we think, feel and act.”

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  • Bich K Tran

    I would like to learn how the brain works

  • malka

    Thank you for letting us here these interview’s. I have learned so much from Kim over the years, I am excited to hear what she has to say.