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iLs is based on the fact that we can change our brain – we can essentially re-wire it through specific and repeated stimulation, a concept known as neuroplasticity. As in building strength and endurance with physical exercise, we can build neurological pathways and synaptic activity at any age.More

iLs trains for brain/body integration through a staged approach, starting with the fundamentals of sensory integration and then extending through more complex cognitive functions, including language, self-expression and social skills.

Who Benefits from iLs

Mother and daughter looking at each otheriLs has a global effect on the brain and central nervous system.  As a result, it is successfully integrated into a wide variety of programs:

iLs Home Program

Clinical reports and experience find that outcomes can be improved significantly with increased frequency and intensity of listening sessions.  Like learning any new activity, the more it is practiced, the more rapidly you will see changes. That is why iLs has introduced the “iLs Home Program.”  This program is designed to supplement your clinic or school program with additional iLs Focus listening sessions at home, to help you and your iLs practitioner achieve the best outcomes and reach your goals.


While iLs is not complicated to use, we believe it is important that you have some guidance navigating the sound and movement program.  That’s why if you are not already working with a practitioner, we include the option of instruction and supervision in your iLs Home Program. You will receive weekly home-use supervision by phone or email as part of your plan.

A typical iLs therapeutic program lasts two to five months, although for more involved or complicated cases longer programs may be recommended. We offer you the flexibility of using the equipment as long as is needed.  If you decide you would like to own your Focus System, 100% of your payments are applied toward the purchase price and your payments are complete after ten monthly installments.

The iLs Home Leasing Program is comprised of the following:

  • iLs Total Focus System
  • Integration Kit including: Playbook, balance board, hanging ball, etc.
  • Learning Readiness Evaluation Seat
  • Supervision – provided by an iLs-trained coach
  • Rent-to-Own option
  • Can be utilized by all family members for no additional fees

You can get started on the iLs Home Program whether you are already working with an iLs Practitioner or not.

Getting Started

  1. ball-bottleTo learn more about iLs, peruse this web site and sign up for
    a free introductory webinar.
  2. To find an iLs-trained therapist, search by state in the iLs Provider Locator.
  3. If you are having difficulty locating a therapist, or are interested in using iLs at home, please contact iLs for assistance.
  4. iLs Programs are typically 30-60 minutes in length, 2-5 times per week over a 2-6 month period More
  • A waist pack is worn by each student, carrying an iPod loaded with iLs treated music (classical);
  • iLs’ special headphones are connected to the iPod to enable listening while moving
  • Movement games which require visual, auditory and balance systems to work together are performed while listening to the music
  • Quiet activities, such as drawing, puzzles, Legos, etc. are also done while listening for portions of the session.
  • Each unit can be customized for individual needs (e.g. learning difficulties, autism, performance enhancement, stroke and head injury rehab)


iLs & Autism

iLs is often implemented at home as a supplement to clinical programs for those with neurodevelopmental conditions such as Autism, Down’s Syndrome and Parkinson’s Disease.

Research and experience with thousands of cases show that iLs can be helpful in achieving goals related to motor, language, and cognitive function as well as emotional regulation.

The Science Underlying iLs

iLs is a type of exercise which requires the brain to process information from different sources at the same time.  As you move through an iLs program, the amount, and type, of information is very gradually increased.  We start with music and movement, and then gradually integrate language and cognitive tasks.

The result is that you gain confidence as you acquire new skills, and you are also challenged to improve and to meet the new levels of difficulty.  As you continue this training process, your fundamental ability to process information improves.

For a more scientific explanation of the process and effect of iLs, click below.

What is iLs?

iLs is a complementary approach to brain fitness which can be integrated into a broad variety of educational, therapeutic and self-improvement programs. In the same way we can train our bodies to become stronger and healthier, iLs trains the brain to process sensory, cognitive and emotional information more effectively. With better synaptic connectivity, we perform better. It’s about as simple as that.

We start with music and movement, and then gradually integrate language and cognitive processes. The exercises appear simple but become increasingly difficult as we add new layers for simultaneous processing. The program involves no computers or screens of any type. Someone once referred to iLs as “a boot camp for the brain.” We’d like to think of it more as play, and we all know we work hardest when we play!

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