iLs Products

iLs offers three systems that can be integrated into a broad variety of practices, such as Speech and Language Therapy, Audiology, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Education, Medicine & Nursing, Psychology, Psychiatry, Counselling, ADHD Coaching, Applied Behavioral Analysis, DIR Floortime, RDI, Neurofeedback Therapy, Naturopathy, Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Other areas of Therapy and Health Care.

Professionals are required to complete iLs training prior to purchasing equipment, and home usage requires oversight from an iLs certified therapist.

Safe and Sound Protocol

Developed by Dr. Stephen Porges, the SSP is a five-day intervention designed to reduce stress and auditory sensitivity while enhancing social engagement and resilience. By calming the behavioral and physiological state, further therapy is enhanced or even accelerated.

The SSP is offered as a subscription-based program, including the following equipment:

  • Sony Walkman MP3 player – digital music player loaded with the SSP program containing vocal music processed by iLs
  • iLs Headphones – high quality, circumaural headphones
  • MP3 Player Charging Cable and Charger
  • Waistpack – adjustable for children and adults
  • Carrying case

The Dreampad™

Each Dreampad™ delivers music through gentle, calming vibration which only you can hear. The process brings about a relaxation response from the body and mind which has been described in some feedback as a “massage to the nervous system.”

Applications for all ages:

  • Reduce stress
  • Improve sleep
  • Decrease sensory hypersensitivity

iLs Focus™ Series

The Focus Series includes the Focus 30, Focus 60,  Focus Advanced, and Focus Pro – all of which have clinic-level efficacy but are designed for home as well as professional use. The Focus Series allows clinicians and educators to select specific iLs programs to be loaded onto the iPod for their clients’ needs.

All Focus systems are sold complete with the following:

  • iLs Programs loaded onto an Apple iPod
  • iLs1000 headphones custom-fitted with bone conduction capability
  • iLs mini-amplifier with adjustable air and bone conduction volume
  • Integration Kit and Playbook for visual motor and balance activities
  • Custom rechargeable amplifier for up to 8 hours of continual use
  • Waistpack – adjustable for children and adults
  • iLs Carrying Case
  • Portal seat and access to the Measure of Foundational Abilities (MFA)

Training Requirements:
Clinicians and educators are required to complete the Practitioner Training: Foundations & Implementation (offered in-person and online) before purchasing or using the Focus Series equipment.



The VoicePro is an exciting and unique tool designed to help children and adults improve various auditory processing skills. The VoicePro is applied for all ages and abilities relevant to: articulation, phonemic awareness, auditory memory, auditory figure ground and dichotic listening. Therapists working with children on the autism spectrum also use the VoicePro as an effective social training tool.

All VoicePro Systems are sold complete with the following:

  • iPod Touch loaded with language activities
  • Built‐in audio for recording voice changes
  • iLs multi-channel amplifier to control client and clinician volumes
  • Air/bone conduction headsets with built-in microphone (for client)
  • Air conduction monitoring headset with built-in microphone (for instructor)
  • Integration Kit and Playbook for visual motor and balance activities