Dreampad music is created and processed in-house by musicians and audio engineers (with the exception of classical selection, which is licensed music). All music is created specifically for delivery through Intrasound Technology, the patented bone conduction method which gives Dreampad its uniqueness.

Acoustic Daydream

Acoustic Guitar, Pink Noise

Binaural Ambience

Binaural Beat (Delta O.5 to 4Hz), Tibetan Singing Bowls, Synthesizer


Andante tempo classical pieces

Harmonic Continuum

Low-Frequency Harmonic Overlay


Harp, Viola, Acoustic Guitar

Seaside Strings

Ocean Waves, Viola

Sound of Waves Level 1

For shorter breathing cycles (7 breaths per min)

Sound of Waves Level 2

For most adults (6 breaths per min)

Sound of Waves Level 3

For longer breathing cycles (5 breaths per min)

Tranquil Landscapes

Piano, Chimes, Synthesizer, Strings