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We envision a world where all people are equipped to exercise their talents in search of personal and social fulfillment.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help individuals of all ages elevate their quality of life by improving brain function and emotional resilience through music, movement, technology and education.

The Company

iLs was founded in Denver, CO in 2007 as the first neurotechnology company to systematically integrate music, movement and language exercises for the purpose of improving brain function. The premise behind the new multisensory program was that these combined modalities, when implemented on a repeated basis, would provide a holistic brain training for improving cognition as well as emotional health. In the first year of training educators and clinicians, it was clear that we were on to something; clinical results showed consistently better learning, attention, behavior and performance as a result of the improved ability to integrate sensory input.

Nine years and many research projects later, the iLs community has grown to more than 9,000 professionals in more than 30 countries, serving hundreds of thousands of children and adults.  These professionals play an invaluable role in helping iLs continually refine the program by providing feedback from the field and participating in new research and product trials.

As an employer, iLs strives to be community minded and sensitive to the needs of our diverse team. All products are assembled, shipped and supported from Colorado, and our employee benefits are within the top 3% of those offered by small companies in the US.  Our non-profit partners, whom we support through donations, include the STAR Institute (Sensory Treatment and Research), the Autism Society, and a number of groups and shelters supporting both adult and pediatric trauma and abuse victims.


iLs has deep roots in two distinct modalities of therapy: sound and movement.  Many of the techniques iLs uses for treating music were developed decades ago in Europe, where sound therapy was used effectively to help those with attention and reading difficulties.  By focusing on specific frequency bandwidths, therapists discovered they could improve function in three critical areas required for learning:  sensorimotor function, language and attention/motivation.

The sensory and movement component of iLs was developed from research showing the positive effect of balance, coordination and visual exercises used on children’s ability to learn.  As iLs has progressed over the years, we have found that the effect of specific movement activities extends to the cognitive function and emotional health of adults as well as children.

The iLs language component, the VoicePro™, employs unique audio technology and is the first language program to integrate expressive language exercises with movement.  Our ability to process information, plan thoughts, and express them is intertwined with areas of the brain involved in movement and balance.  By exercising these interconnected areas at the same time we are able to increase ‘transference’, i.e. transfer the improvements beyond the clinical setting to the real world.

The iLs program was designed by co-founders Kate O’Brien Minson, Randall Redfield and Clinical Director Ron Minson, MD, in a staged manner so that the combined modalities of music, movement and language begin at a relatively easy level and gradually become more difficult. The program is customized for all levels so that most people find it fun and engaging, setting in motion an upward spiral of confidence and success as they progress through the program.

Australian Distributors

The distributors for iLs products and education throughout Australia and New Zealand is Integrated Listening Australia, Pty. Ltd.  This includes training for iLs Focus Foundations and Implementation, Advanced training, VoicePro training and SSP training. Purchase and product support is available for the Focus and Pro series, VoicePro, SSP and the Dreampad range. The management team consists of Joanne McIntyre and John Holmes, both of whom have many years of experience as clinicians in Australia as well as the US.



Randall Redfield, CEO, Co-Founder
Kate O’Brien Minson, President, Co-Founder
Ron Minson, MD, Clinical Director & Advanced Trainer
Rick Renner, CFO

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