Track Your iLs Program & Progress!

Track your iLs program and progress!

The iLs Portal is an online tool available for iLs Associates. One seat (registered iLs user) is included with the purchase of any Focus System; additional seats available for clinics.

Portal Components

Use the iLs Portal to access multiple resources including:

  • Measure of Foundational Abilities (MFA) Assessments
  • Intake Form
  • iLs Program Tracking Forms
  • Aggregate Reporting
  • Client Profile
  • Customized Resources & FAQs

MFA printout


The MFA is an online assessment of symptoms that measures change in six key categories: balance, gross & fine motor control, sensory, social/emotional, auditory/language and attention/organization and sleep. It is meant to be used as a self-evaluation before and after therapy.

Based on the iLs Checklist, the MFA has expanded categories and questions tailored to specific age ranges – preschool, grade school, adolescent and adult.

View a sample of the questions.


Develop and update your clients’ profiles and store notes.  Therapists within your clinic have access to the clients, allowing for easy collaboration. Each client (individual iLs user) requires one seat.  One seat is good for one year, and unused seats never expire.

The Intake Form includes questions regarding family and personal history, sensory, learning and other areas. With online access, it’s easy to request that parents complete the intake form right in the office.

Program Tracking


Sample view of iLs Program and MFA tracking in the iLs Portal.

The iLs Portal allows you to track each session of iLs including detailed information about the program, session, Bone Conduction settings, playbook activities and ILP use. Multiple therapists in the clinic can view or log sessions with the same child.


The iLs Portal comes with tailored content and access for administration and staff.

A company administration user is available for those with multiple clinics or facilities. Company administrators may access reports for their entire company or individual clinics. Aggregate reporting is available for tracking iLs use and progress in the clinic and the results can be easily used for marketing or grant writing.

Therapists, at the “staff” level can easily add and manage their clients. Therapists instantly view Intake Form, MFA and program tracking results.

Aggregrate Results


Use the Assessment Reporting tool to easily view overall MFA percent improvement for your entire company, or use the automatic filters to tailor your results for specific types of clients. Filters include clinic, age of client, diagnoses, staff, client name and assessment type among others.  Export to PDF button allows for further editing or creation of graphs for marketing or internal training purposes.


The iLs Portal includes training resources, as well as general program and equipment usage for Associates.