AUTHOR: Jeannie Dubitsky, Ed. D

Subcortical development is a factor in many learning problems in young children. The study investigated the impact subcortical support (Integrated Listening Systems, iLs) has with reading, auditory processing, behavior and visual motor skill development. Ten students were chosen for the case study to compare pre- and post-test scores, survey results and interview data. Students participated in three programs of iLs (Sensory Motor; Attention and Concentration; Reading and Auditory Processing) during their regular school day. Results showed similarities and differences among the students regarding physical, academic, social and emotional development after the intervention.

Generally, most students showed improvement in all areas evaluated after experiencing the iLs program. Improvements in performance included physical skills such as balance and eye hand coordination, as well as, increased ability decoding phonetically based words, recognizing words presented orally as isolated letter sounds, reading comprehension, auditory cohesion and visual motor development. For the majority of the subjects, each showed improved ability in reading, listening and handwriting. Students interacted socially and emotionally closer to the performance of their peers after iLs intervention.

Presently, the inclusion of iLs is deeply imbedded as an intervention program at Valley View Academy. This case study has presented new opportunities for learning for all students at the school.