iLs for ProfessionalsThe 1-Day Foundations and Implementation Course (available both live and via live webinar) covers the curriculum in a hands-on interactive format.  Pre-course reading materials and a quiz will be sent out to learners prior to the course.

A Certificate will be emailed to you following successful completion of the entire course:

  1. attendance at training (either live webinar or in-person), and
  2. receipt of your quiz  (with passing score)

After a learner has successfully completed the course, the learner may use the designation “iLs Associate” and are qualified to purchase iLs Focus Series Systems.

Upon successful completion of the Course you will:

  • Identify and explain the three frequency zones and how those frequencies impact our body and learning
  • Explain how the cochlear and vestibular systems are connected
  • Define terms used in iLs (e.g. EHS = Enhanced High Spectrum is full spectrum music with elevation in volume in the high frequencies)
  • Explain how sound, movement and visual tracking are combined as one program
  • Explain how to implement sound, movement and visual tracking in one session with a client

Course Content & Objectives

  • Understanding the key elements that inform iLs methodology
  • Reviewing relevant neuro-anatomy of the ear, brain and nervous system
  • Hands-on practicum for the auditory, visual and balance components of iLs
  • Discussion of iLs’ music processing and program design
  • Case study practice in combining programs and individualizing iLs
  • Review of clinical assessment tools for program selection
  • Integrating iLs into a clinical practice or school setting, including home use

Foundations and Implementation Online

mfaFoundations and Implementation Online covers the materials through hard copy materials and an interactive phone interview.  A learner is considered having successfully completed the course after the qualified instructor has determined the learner has demonstrated competency of the learning outcomes through the written examination and the telephone review. After successful completion of the course, the learner may use the designation “iLs Associate Practitioner.”  Learners who successfully complete the courses may attend any other PTC for just $150.

Upon successful completion of the Training Certification you will:

  • Be able to demonstrate knowledge of the relevance of the three frequency zones and how those frequencies impact our body and learning
  • Be able to explain the fundamentals of sound processing
  • Be able to demonstrate an understanding of iLs music selections, processing and treatment
  • Be able to explain how sound, movement and visual tracking are combined as one program and how to implement programs with clients

The process is as follows:

  • Trainee registers online and is able to download the training materials immediately via the registration confirmation e-mail. Study materials will be mailed to trainees within Australia. The registration is valid for one year.
  • Trainee completes the reading, watches the videos and completes the written quiz.
  • Trainee sends completed quiz to iLs Australia by email ( and selects a webinar date. The webinar will take approximately 3 hours and utilizes Adobe Connect.
  • After successfully completing the courses, the trainee becomes an iLs Associate and will be sent a certificate of completion as well as access to the Associate store, with access to exclusive content and ability to purchase iLs systems.